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Training Day by Dean Wilson

Deano showing a training day in the life of a rider under the Aldon Baker training programm. I worked for…

Pro Circuit Motocross Training

Watch the Pro Circuit riders training at a very rough track somewhere in the mountains in the middle of nowhere….

Chad Reed training on Ronnie Macs bike

Here we have some raw footage where another pro is trying out the 69 horsepower of Ronnie Macs 2 stroke…

Aldon Baker Supercross training facility

Have a look at the place where Marvon Musquin, Jason Anderson and the other riders under Aldons programm are training….

Zach Bell and Sean Cantrell training for the outdoors

Dirtrider filmed and interviewed Zach Bell and Sean Cantrell while training for the 2017 AMA MX championship. Both look fast…

Jeffrey Herlings Training

Watch Jeffrey Herlingt 84 train unter muddy conditions for the third round of the 2017 MXGP championship.

Dungey training at the Bakersfactory

Pointsleader Ryan Dungey training at the Baker compound. What a beautiful place to ride dirtbikes. Also a few other riders…

Austin Forkner training

WOW… Austin Forkner training on Trey Canards motocross track. People are expecting a lot of wins from this fast kid.

Herlings and Cairoli training in Teutschenthal

Watch Jeffrey Herling an Cairoli training in Teutschenthal, Germany. Herlings is riding a 450.

Jason Anderson Supercross training

Watch Factory Husqvarna rider Jason Anderson riding his FC450 at the Baker’s factory. He’s also giving a little interview about…

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