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Ronnie Mac – Berm Blasting

Check out the newest advices from Ronnie Mac, the Rimmaster himself. In this tutorial he shows how to ride berms.

How to: Flat Corners

Here we have a tutorial about riding flat corners fast. It’s a few years old but flat corners are still flat corners :)

How To: Whip

Ricky Carmichael explain’s how to whip on a dirtbike over jumps. Riding his Suzuki RMZ 450 number 4

Motocross Skills 3 – Tutorial MX Technics Training

Transworld Motocross Skills 3 – Tutorial MX Technics Training Documentary – Scuola di Motocross con Antonio Cairoli, Ryan Villopoto, Nick Wey, Trey Canard, Ryan Dungey, David Vuillemin, Jake Weimer, Martin Davalos, Andy Baken, Jeff Ward, Austin Stroupe, Nathan Woods, Davi

2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke – Smoker or stroker?

Just real facts :)

How to: Wheelie small motocross jumps

Have you seen the pros wheelieing over a small jump? It’s a big time saver. This short video will show you with slow motion and freeze frames just how it’s done. For all the motocross jumping techniques click the links

How to: rutted corners

Professional motocross racer Ricky Carmichael shares some of his insight into dialing in the rutted corners of the motocross track.

How To: Perfect Jumping

Travis Baker, #51, breaks down the best way to approach and air a jump while on the track. Baker’s best advice is to take off at the jump, after you have walked it once, straight on and with confidence! Once