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AMA Motocross Round 6 2019 Southwick

Watch the full 2019 AMA Motocross round 6 from Sandy Southwick. Already the sixt race of the 2019 outdoor season. Which Tomac come to the track? Will we see the old Roczen again? Will Webb show what he showed in supercross

Southwick 2019 Trackmap

The 2019 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Season round six. Here we have the trackmap from Southwick, the sixt round this year. Another sandtrack after Florida. All heavy hitters healthy and ready to go.

2018 AMA Motocross Round 6 Southwick

Sixt motocross race of 2018 season. Tomac won nearly every moto so far. Anderson out, Roczen isn’t up to full speed after his injurys, Baggett and Marvin also not an Tomac level so far this season. Here we have the

Southwick Trackmap

Already the sixt round of the 2018 AMA Motocross series. Here we have the trackmap from the sixt round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship from Southwick. The only sandtrack in the series.

2017 AMA Motocross Round 7 Southwick

Lucas Oil Motocross round 7. The 450 class is a big surprise this year. Tomac has the red plate back. The question is: how long can he keep it? Here we have the full replay from the seventh round of

2016 AMA Motocross Round 7 Southwick

Here we have the seventh round of the┬áLucas Oil Pro Motocross season from Southwick. You can watch the full replay of every 250 and every 450 moto. The sandtrack is back on the schedule. Herlings won’t start – the sand

Welcome to Southwick

Here we have some video material from Southwick. Nice musik and dirtbike sounds mixed with rider’s like Decotis.

2016 Southwick Motocross Track Map

Here we have the trackmap AMA Motocross round 7 from Southwick. It wasn’t in the mix for a year or so, but now this sandtrack is back in the mix :)