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Dean Wilson onboard at Budds Creek

Watch the onboard footage from Dean Wilson’s GoPro at Budds Creek. Not his best race of the year :)

Dean Wilson onboard at Unadilla

Watch the onboard footage from Dean Wilson’s GoPro atUnadilla. Track looks rutted af. The fight in the second moto is worth watching. Both motos inside.

Dean Wilson back at the gate

Deano is back at the gate. Here we have his footage from his first round back from RedBud.

Dean Wilson VLog Anaheim 1

Here we have Deanos footage from Anaheim 1. Very very bit inside view to a riders raceday. He looks comfortable on his Husky and is a big fan magnet.

Dean Ferris – The Next Step

Dean Ferris had some pressty good results in the 2018 season. Here we have a little inside view to his his motivation and his riding.

Innermost: Dean Wilson

Without a doubt: Dean Wilson is back and on fire. You just can wish the best to a guy like him. Always humble with a very positive attitude. 14 Minutes inside view :)

Dean Wilson on a YZ450F

Dean Wilson still hasn’t an official deal for the 2017 season. For me he is looking very smooth and fast. Wheeltab etc.. Definitely a cool style. Looks like he has his speed back after a few years with injury after

Dean Wilson – No Surrender

Just watch if u have no problem with big wound. Disgusting looking injuries.. Hope he stays healthy in 2017 and can get back on the podium..