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Trey Canard back on the bike

The most injuried rider in history is back on the bike. A few years ago Trey got faster after every injury. But the last years he couldn’t show his speed and was more of the track than on.. I wish

Trey Canard Supercross prep 2016

Is Trey a title contender in 2016 or will he crash out again? With a good start he can win every race, if he keep’s it on both wheels :)

2015 Supercross Behind The Dream Episode 5 full

Watch the fifth episode of the second season “Supercross behind the dream” full and for free. Big Canard interview inside

2015 Anaheim 3 Press Day (Long Version)

Press day at Angel Stadium. 1H21M

Paris-Lille (Bercy) Supercross 2014